Support to Live Independently

By providing you with the right accommodation and right supports, we can help you reach your full potential.

We can support you to live the life you choose in Short-Term Accommodation, Medium-Term Accommodation or Ongoing Shared and Individual Living Options depending on your circumstances.

Because everyone’s needs and circumstances are so unique, we first take time to understand what you’re looking for and learn about your support needs, before directing you to either of the two options, interim or ongoing accommodation.


We offer a variety of accommodation solutions to meet your individual needs. See our selection of vacancies below or click here to see a full list of our property vacancies.

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Dingley Village - Rhoda (VIC)

1 Bedroom villa, Robust – SDA plus SIL / Core funding

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Doncaster - Hanke (VIC)

1 Bedroom apartment – STA / MTA / SIL / Core funding (No SDA funding required)

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Frankston - Woodlea (VIC)

1 Large Bedroom – SDA plus SIL / Core funding

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I am very grateful that Tim is living with ONCALL and for the open and flexible approach ONCALL has taken to listening and responding to input from families.

Family member of NDIS Participant

I wanted to thank you for the competent, friendly and experienced casual staff that worked at our house. Your support worker was great to work with and the residents felt comfortable and at ease with their support style I would be pleased to work with them any time in the future.

ONCALL partner organisation

Call our friendly Housing Development team now on 1300 962 468 to discuss how ONCALL can assist you or submit an enquiry form here.