Out of Home Care Support Worker

What is the minimum mandatory qualification to work in Child, Youth and Family?
The minimum mandatory qualification to work in Child, Youth and Family is a Certificate IV in one of the following;

  1. Youth Work
  2. Child Youth and Family Intervention
  3. Mental Health
  4. Disability
  5. Alcohol and other Drugs
  6. Community Service

Out of Home Care/Residential Care requires one of the qualifications listed above, and also 4 Mandatory Top Units. If you have a Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention the 4 Top Up units are not required. 

What are the Mandatory Top Up Units and what is their cost?
The Victorian Government legislated that to work in Residential Out of Home Care, workers would be required to have 4 mandatory units related to Trauma. These units are;

  1. CHCPRT010 Work with children and young people with complex trauma and attachment issues and needs
  2. CHCMHS007 Work effectively in trauma informed care
  3. CHCCCS009 Facilitate responsible behaviour
  4. CHCPRT009 Provide primary residential care

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What’s the difference between Residential Care and In Home Support?
Residential care is an environment where young people whom, for various reasons, can no longer live in their homes of origin. In Home Support is an early intervention strategy to assist families, whom have been identified as at risk, stay together and avoid the removal of one/all of their children.

Disability & NDIS Support Worker

What is my pay rate?
Your pay rate is based on your qualification and/or hours of work experience. ONCALL pays against the Social and Community Services Industry pay rates. For more information click the link below.

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Are international qualifications recognised at ONCALL?
Yes, only if you apply to have your international qualification recognised by the Department of Education and Training or your qualifications are from New Zealand. For more information please see the links below.

Visit International Education Site

Visit Live In Melbourne Site

Do I get paid for attending Candidate Assessment and Briefing (CAB) Day?
No, you are still being assessed while participating in CAB Day.

What is a Statutory Declaration and why do we ask for one?
A Statutory Declaration is a prescribed declaration, made under statutory authority, which may in certain cases be substituted for a statement on oath. A Statutory Declaration needs to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace – this can be a Police Officer, Pharmacist, Doctor or Vet. ONCALL asks for a Statutory Declaration to verify no crimes were committed between when your International Police Check was issued and your arrival in Australia.

How long will it take from when I apply to when I start work?
This depends on how quickly you are able to collate all of your mandatory documents, however we endeavour to call you within 5 working days of your application; we run two group interviews weekly and one induction every Thursday.

What are the mandatory documents you need?

  • Passport or Citizenship or Birth Certificate (Australia)
  • Driver Licence (front and back) with expiry date
  • Relevant qualification(s): certificate and transcripts
  • Working with Children Check (WWCC – Employee)
  • Current Police Check (no older than 6 months)
  • International Police Check, if applicable
  • Current First Aid Level 2 (less than 3 years old)
  • Current CPR (less than 12 months old)
  • Manual Handling (less than 5 years old)
  • Administration of Medication (less than 3 years old)
  • Fire Safety Training (DHHS)

NDIS Jobready

Do I need a drivers licence?
Yes, our client’s requirements may include the need to be transported to doctors appointments etc. Public transport is not acceptable in this case.

Is my international licence valid?
Maybe. If your licence is recognised you are able to drive for 6 months since you gained your visa/ arrived in Australia, before you are required to convert your licence.

If you are on a temporary visa you are not required to get a Victorian Licence

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How many training days are there?
The NDIS JobReady Program runs over 7 business days. Typically, the course will begin on a Monday through to that Friday and then continue on Monday and Tuesday the following week.

How many hours can I expect to work?
The NDIS JobReady program offers you the opportunity to work casually with ONCALL. Multiple factors are at play when considering your hours. While hours are not guaranteed, the more you are available and the more demand in your area for NDIS programs, the more likely it is to increase your hours.

Can I apply without all mandatory documents?
We Require the following documents to consider your application;

-Valid Licence
-Working With Children’s Check (receipt at minimum)
-National Police check
-International Police check if you have lived outside for more than 12 months, in the past 10 years.

What is the NDIS and how is ONCALL related?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to provide reasonable and necessary support for people with significant and permanent disabilities. The Productivity Commission has reported that some areas had less than 40% of the number of disability services employees needed to cope with demand for NDIS services. ONCALL Has developed the NDIS JobReady program to attract new talent from outside the disability sector. We provide certificates Not qualifications.

Pay and Finance

Personal Details

My name has changed.
You need to send the official written documentation to HR and to pay office.

I am going away for an extended period. What do I need to do?
Notify your consultant that you are going, and send in ALL outstanding timesheets before you go.

I have new qualifications.
Please send them to HR for assessment, and adjustment to your rate of pay.

I want to change my details. Who do I phone?
Please do not phone anyone, ALL changes must be in writing. Email with your changes. We will notify you when the details have been changed.

My bank account details have changed.
Email with the change. Do not close your existing bank account until you get your first payment into your new account.

My address has changed.
Email with the change.


Are my expenses taxed?
Expenses are not taxed.

Are my Kilometres taxed?
The first 5,000 kilometres are not taxed.

Why were my Kilometres taxed this week?
You have claimed more than 5,000 kilometres this financial year. Tax is paid on excess kilometres.

Why am I being charged $5 postage every week?
If you look closely you will see that you are looking at the YTD column. This is the total that has been deducted for the current financial year.

I ticked the tax free threshold on my TFN. Why am I still paying tax?
Tax is calculated by the system as per the tables set by the ATO. Currently Tax is payable on all amounts above $357 if you ticked “tax free threshold”, and above $3 if you ticked “no tax free threshold”.

Why is my tax so high?
Tax is calculated by the system as per the tables set by the ATO.

I want to make ONCALL my main company for tax purposes.
You need to fill in a new Tax File Declaration and submit to

I want to change my Tax File Declaration (TFN).
You need to fill in a new Tax File Declaration and submit to


When will my super contributions be paid?
Superannuation Guarantee contributions are paid quarterly by the 28th of the month following the end of each quarter i.e 28th October, 28th January, 28th April and 28th July.

The super you paid doesn’t agree with my payslips.
Firstly make sure that you are using the correct payslip to compare to. If you are comparing the July – September quarter, your payslip must be dated before the 30th September.

My super account has changed.
Email with the name of the new Super Fund, your membership number and the Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) of the new fund. Please note that many companies have multiple funds and each has it’s own USI. Do not close your existing Super Account until we have confirmed the change on our system.


What is the work week for wage payments?
Our work week for wages is Monday – Sunday.

When will I receive my pay?
Pay day is every Friday. We transfer the money out of our bank account every Thursday afternoon.

When will I receive my payslip?
Payslips are sent out on a Thursday afternoon. Please check them, and contact us with any queries before lunch time on Friday.

Why do pay office not take calls on a Monday?
Pay office staff are entering your timesheets on a Monday, and are unable to answer queries at this time. If you have an urgent request please email, or phone us on Tuesday morning.

When is the best time to contact the pay office?
For queries relating to timesheets – Tuesday
For other queries – Wednesday / Thursday
For pay queries – Friday before 1:00pm

What is my rate of pay?
Everyone’s rate of pay is based on their qualifications.  If you need to know your rate of pay you can get the information off your payslip, or you can email pay office and request a copy of the rates that apply to you.

When do I get paid the afternoon allowance?
An afternoon shift allowance is paid for all shifts that end after 8:00pm at night. (Up until 12:00 midnight)

When do I get paid the night allowance?
A night shift allowance is paid for all shifts that end after 12 midnight.

My sleepover turned into an active shift and I was paid an hour short.
All sleepovers have a 1hour work period built into them.

I worked a sleepover that finished at 11:00am on Monday morning.  Why wasn’t I paid?
Sleepover shifts up until 10:00am on a Monday can be paid. If the shift finishes after 10:00am the system will not allow pay office to pay it. Payment will be made in the following week.


When must I send in my timesheets?
Timesheets must be received in the pay office by 10:00am on a Monday morning. You can either send them after every shift, or hold them and send them all together. Timesheets received by 10:00am will be paid on Friday of the same week. Late timesheets will be paid in the following week.

Where must I send my timesheets to?
You must send them to

I received confirmation you have my timesheets, why are you now emailing me for them again?
If you look at the confirmation email it says “provided we can read them you need do nothing else” If we are asking for them again it means that we cannot read them.  Please re-photograph and send again. If you are using the MyONCALL app you may have chosen the smallest size to send. This is too small. Please resend using the medium size.

Why do I keep getting told my timesheet pictures are too small to read?
If you are using the MyONCALL app you may have chosen the smallest size to send. This is too small. Please resend using the medium, or large size.


I put expenses on my timesheet, why didn’t I get paid them?
In order to be paid for expenses you must send in the expense receipt. Pay office cannot pay without the receipt.

I worked an extended shift and didn’t get paid for the additional hours / kilometres.
When you work a shift that gets changed in any way it is your responsibility to contact your consultant and get the shift changed on the system. Pay office is unable to do this for you.


Working Rights

If I am a student and my course is not in session (holidays) and I want to work more than 20 hours what do I do?
Obtain a letter (on letterhead) from your education provider that stipulates the following:

  • Your name
  • The commence date of your break
  • The finish date of your break.

Employment Requirements

What happens if I do not update my mandatory training prior to the expiry date? (This includes Police Check; WWCC; First Aid and CPR)
ONCALL is required to have very stringent compliance requirements as we work with vulnerable clients. If you fail to provide evidence of your updated training by your expiry date then you will be made inactive and removed from all future shifts.

My First Aid/CPR is expiring, does ONCALL offer training?
Yes. This is done through the ONCALL training college.

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Disability Accommodation Services

Do you have houses available and vacancies?
We have limited vacancies, please contact Accommodation Services Executive Manager for further information.

Do you do short term/crisis accommodation?
Yes we do – please call Accommodation Services Executive Manager to discuss further

Do you provide in home support 24/7?
NDIS is able to provide this service.

Do you have Behaviour Support specialists?

Where are your houses?
Houses within Accommodation Services are located in South and Eastern suburbs.  We have one property in Heidelberg.

What models of accommodation do you provide?
ONCALL is able to provide shared supported accommodation as well as 1:1

Can we have Foxtel/internet
Yes but this is an expense which clients will need to cover.

Out of Home Care

Do you provide in home support – 24/7?
we provide in home support from 6.00am – 11.00pm if required

How do I refer?
Call 9896 2468 and ask for the out of home care team to discuss your needs further

Do you provide crisis and emergency accommodation?
yes – mainly through DHHS



Do you have a shift minimum?
Yes, 2 hours.
Can I make last minute changes to my roster?
You can request last minute changes but we cannot guarantee we will be able to action these requests. We ask for two business days to process these requests.

I need to cancel a shift, what do I do?
Not a problem, we understand that circumstances change and we at ONCALL like to provide a flexible service. This can be cancelled via phone/email. When an upcoming shift is cancelled you will receive a confirmation via phone/email/sms, if no confirmation is received we encourage you to call and speak to your key consultant. Please be aware that late cancellation fees mays apply.

Can I directly as my staff member to extend the shift?
No. Please contact your NDIS consultant at ONCALL, all shift changes are required to go through your key consultant.

NDIS Clients

Who is my consultant and what do they do?
Your consultant is your main point of contact at ONCALL after the intake process is complete. They will make contact with you to introduce themselves.
Your consultant understands your NDIS plan and works with you to organise supports to assist you with meeting your goals. If you have any feedback/ questions or concerns please contact your key consultant. Consultants will assist with finding the right support worker that is best suited to you.

Who do I contact about my service?
During the intake process, the intake coordinator at ONCALL. When the intake process is complete, you will talk to your key consultant. If for any reason your key consultant is not available, a member from the client services team will be happy to assist you. Consultants at ONCALL are available 8am-6pm, Monday – Friday. After these times or days you will go through to our after-hours service. This is for emergencies only.  

NDIS Transition

What do you mean by transition?
Transition simply means that your ISP is coming to an end and your NDIS plan is coming into place to take over.

When is my NDIS plan coming?
ONCALL is not the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and therefore is not able to advise you when you will receive your NDIS plan. Please contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to enquire about your NDIS plan.

At what point do I contact ONCALL with my NDIS plan?
Please alert ONCALL as soon as you are contacted or informed about your plan and receive a copy of your plan. ONCALL must process your transition immediately from plan approval date.

Will this have an impact on my services?
This will not impact your services. From the day that your ISP expires, your NDIS plan approval date is immediate, this ensures continuity of support services and availability of funds.

If I’m transitioning from ISP to NDIS, will that impact my services?
As stated above, This will not impact your services. From the day that your ISP expires, your NDIS plan approval date is immediate, this ensures continuity of support services and availability of funds.

NDIS Intake

How soon can my supports commence?
Once you have thoroughly completed and submitted your intake form and all supporting documentation to the intake officer, they will take you through the intake process and then complete a handover with the Client Services rostering team (also knowns as your consultant). Services can commence as soon as 24-48 hours, depending on staff availability.
Who do I call for after hours or weekends?
The Client Services rostering team work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. ONCALL have a Casual Staff Services rostering team that can take emergency calls after hours and on weekends if required
Do you offer transport/mileage?
If your NDIS Plan has funding provision for transport supports (could be listed under the category of ‘transport’ or ‘core’) then we are able to offer you mileage in addition to a support worker. This means your support worker can use their vehicle to transport you in the community and you are charged for the mileage at an additional cost.
Do you offer FI?
Yes, we offer plan management (formerly known as financial intermediary). If you would like to refer to ONCALL for your plan management needs and have this funding allocated in your NDIS plan, please contact the office on 9896 2468 and request to speak to our finance program area. Find out more about our FI/ Plan management offering here.
Do you have a shift minimum?
Yes, 2 hours.
When is my NDIS plan coming?
ONCALL is not the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and therefore is not able to advise you when you will receive your NDIS plan. Please contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to enquire about your NDIS plan.
How much funding do I have? What does that mean?
Once you have an NDIS plan, our client services intake officer will go through the details of your plan and confirm what categories of support you are able to purchase at ONCALL. Your funding amount for each category is clearly listed on your NDIS plan.
What will happen at my NDIS Planning meeting?
A Planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) from the NDIA or contracted agency (like Brotherhood of St Lawrence) will discuss your needs with  you and, write up your NDIS plan based on reasonable and necessary supports which will come with  an allocated funding amountOnce you have your NDIS plan (hard-copy) you can make contact with service providers, like ONCALL, to implement your plan.
Can you/ will you come to my NDIS planning session?
ONCALL (as a service provider) generally does not participate in planning meetings with your Planner or LAC however, if you specifically request some support from ONCALL and advise your Planner/LAC of this, then this can be arranged. It is essential though that you provide ONCALL with lead-in time to organize attendance at your meeting, as the representative from ONCALL will need to leave the office to meet you at your planning meeting.
Do you charge for preplanning meetings at ONCALL?
No, this service is free of charge, conducted at our head office in Surrey Hills and will offer you broad information about the services you can receive from ONCALL only. It will not provide you advice on how much funding you will receive from the NDIA nor assist you with eligibility to the scheme.
What NDIS services do you provide?
We provide direct care staffing (support workers), support coordination and plan management.
Can I choose my own staff?
If you chose ONCALL as your service provider, the client services rostering team will work with you to match a support worker to your needs. The support workers (staff) are employed by ONCALL and therefore all shift work is offered to them via their office consultant only.
What’s an SA and SB? Why do I have to have one?
A service agreement (SA) and service booking (SB) are NDIS compliance documents in order for ONCALL to provide you with a service.
service agreement lists the terms and conditions in which your service will be provided and it includes important information such as; cancellation notice, fees etc.
service booking is a ‘quote’ for your service, this document will enable you to see how much funding ONCALL require to provide your service, for the duration of your NDIS plan. This document is also specifically utilized when your funding is managed in the NDIS portal and ONCALL are required to quarantine your funding so that invoices can be paid each month for services provided. Both documents must to be endorsed by a participant/nominee and terms and conditions accepted before ONCALL can commence providing services.
Who do I contact when my NDIS plan goes into review?
The NDIA are responsible for your plan review. When you attend your review meeting, please let your ONCALL office consultant know that you will be expecting a new NDIS plan soon. Once you have this new plan, please provide a copy to the consultant to ensure that a new service agreement and service booking can be developed against the funding in your new NDIS plan.
What are the fees and charges?
All the ONCALL hourly rates and NDIS codes used for services and listed on your invoices, come from the NDIS price guide, available here.
Now I have my plan what’s next?
Once you receive your NDIS plan you can contact the ONCALL client services intake officer on 9896 2468 to discuss your support needs. ONCALL offers a range of NDIS services and can become your one-stop shop for plan implementation.

Support Coordination

Do you offer Support Coordination?
Yes, we offer support coordination.
I have Support Coordination funding in my plan, how do I access this?
Once you have your NDIS plan and support coordination funding approved in your plan you can contact ONCALL support coordination manager on 9896 2468 to discuss your support needs. The manager will go through your NDIS plan and advise you whether we are the right service provider to implement your support coordination funding, based on your needs and goals.
How do I submit a request for Support Coordination?
In the first instance, contact ONCALL support coordination manager on 9896 2468 to discuss your support needs and referral. If the referral can be accepted a ‘Request for Service’ document will also be required from your Planner or LAC before support coordination service can commence.
What is Support Coordination?
Support coordination connects you to the services you require to bring your NDIS plan to life. A support coordinator will discuss your needs and assist you to make referrals, link in with your community and ensure that you establish the right connections to implement your NDIS plan. A support coordinator will work with you for the life of your NDIS plan, they will get to know you, your goals, interests and support needs and may not be required on an ongoing basis.
How will I benefit from a Support Coordination?
The benefits of utilising a support coordinator, especially in your first year plan, means that someone can assist and support you to navigate the scheme and link you into trustworthy and reliable service providers to receive maximum benefit from your NDIS plan.
What’s the waiting time for a Support Coordination?
There is no wait period for support coordination at ONCALL. When you ring the ONCALL support coordination manager to discuss your support coordination referral and needs, the manager will advise you about the timelines for implementation. If the program does not have capacity to assist at this point in time then other service providers may be suggested to you, whom can support your needs and implement your support coordination funding instead.

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