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What is the NDIS Portal and how do access it?

What is the NDIS portal?

The NDIS portal, also known as the participant portal, is officially called myplace. Myplace is a secure website where NDIS participants, their family or carer can access their services. Your information is protected and cannot be accessed without a login. Some of the services that participants can access through the NDIS portal include viewing their NDIS plan, managing services with providers and even requesting payments. (For a full list of services available, see the list below.)

How can you access the NDIS portal?

To access the NDIS portal, or myplace, you need to be a NDIS participant, nominee or a child representative.

Myplace is a portal on the myGov website, so you will need a myGov account before you can register. Find out how to create a myGov account in the following video:

Once you have a myGov account, you can create a myplace account through the myGov website or the NDIS website. You will then be able to access all the services through the myplace participant portal.

Services currently available through the NDIS portal

According to their website, users can currently access the following services through the NDIS portal:

  • view and update contact details
  • view their NDIS Plan, including information about funded supports
  • view and manage their current plan budget, including to request payment for self-managed supports
  • search and locate registered service providers
  • create and manage service bookings with registered service providers
  • securely view NDIS messages
  • manage their consent to share parts of their plan with service providers
  • upload required documents
  • Immediately cancel a service booking
  • choose to receive an SMS to advise that a change has been made to a service booking by a provider
  • delete a service booking that does not have a payment or claim or has not yet been accepted by a provider.
Need more help?

For more help to access the NDIS portal, contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110 or see the helpful guide by clicking here.

For more help with the myGov service, call the myGov helpline on 132 307 or see the helpful guide at the link here.


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