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Term 3 transport arrangements

The weekend announcement by the Victorian Premier of the return to home schooling for Preps to Year 10 until at least 19 August, will in many cases, be more difficult to manage the second time around.
When home schooling was announced for Term 1, this new way of learning required both parents and the students to make some big adjustments and placed a lot of pressure on many families. This next period of home schooling has the potential to really test some family units now we know how difficult it was to get through.
With school transport shifts no longer required for the time being, have you considered reallocating these hours to in home support? Instead of taking the young person to school, ONCALL staff are available to assist manage the health and well-being of the young person, and provide support with organising home activities or any home schooling needs. While external activities and travel are limited, even a trip to the shops and walk around the block to break up the day could really help get through this next phase.
If the need arises for transport, ONCALL’s hygiene and infection control measures are designed to provide a safe and clean environment for the young people and our staff. You and the families you support, can feel safe knowing we ensure thorough cleaning of vehicles before and after each trip, the use of hand sanitiser and wearing of PPE (if required).
To alter existing rosters or to make new bookings, please call 9896 2468.