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Supporting an ageing parent to meet their son’s care needs at home

Supporting an ageing parent to meet their son’s care needs at home

ONCALL received a request to provide daily sleepover support for 44-year-old Harrison*, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and an intellectual disability.

Harrison’s background
Harrison lived at home with his elderly father who was Harrison’s primary caregiver. Due to Harrison’s decline in health, his needs were becoming more complex and too much for his father to manage on his own. The preference was for Harrison to remain at home but the family did not feel confident in their father continuing to be his sole carer.

Harrison required increased levels of support especially at the end of the day when he became tired and didn’t have the strength to perform his own personal care. This, together with Harrison’s disability, resulted in higher risks to Harrison of accidental falls and needed 24/7 support to ensure his safety.

Harrison’s journey with ONCALL
Harrison’s family requested ONCALL provide 2:1 sleepover support, 7 days a week, to assist with his morning and evening routine. ONCALL also worked alongside his Day Service provider to ensure Harrison received 24/7 assistance without needing to rely on his father.

In addition to the support provided by ONCALL, assistive technology and house modifications were identified to enable him to live as independently as possible. ONCALL also worked closely with Harrison’s extended care team consisting of an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Day Service Provider and Support Coordinator, to identify and access assistive technology and house modifications within his NDIS package.

ONCALL’s support workers were a primary source of information used to report changes to his support needs and demonstrate how Harrison would benefit from additional supports.

With this information, Harrison’s care team was able to gain access to two types of hoists so Harrison could remain actively involved in his routines where possible. A standing transfer was used for his morning routine as he was able to assist in moving around. For evenings when he had less energy and was too tired to assist, a full hoist allowed the support worker to safely provide his personal care before bed.

Harrison was also approved for house modifications to renovate his bathroom and increase accessibility for his new assistive technology.

Harrison’s progress
ONCALL staff now report that Harrison’s quality of life is significantly better.

Harrison enjoys being actively involved in his morning routine followed by a full day of activities at home while his day service program is suspended due to COVID-19. Harrison then settles into the evening with the assistance of ONCALL Support Workers and enjoys spending quality time with his ageing father, catching up on their favourite TV shows.

ONCALL’s support of Harrison with his assistive technology and house renovations means that he can remain at home with his father. This also provides his family with peace of mind that Harrison is receiving the best possible care.

* The Participant’s name has been changed to protect their privacy

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