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Identifying new accommodation to meet Participant’s changing support needs

Identifying new accommodation to meet Participant’s changing support needs

In July 2020, ONCALL received a request to support 33-year-old Andrew*, who required alternate accommodation due to his change in support needs.

Andrew’s background
In July 2020, ONCALL received a referral from a Support Coordinator seeking accommodation for 33-year-old Andrew. Due to an increase in Andrew’s support needs which his existing accommodation provider was unable to meet, Andrew needed to find a new place to live.

Andrew had lived in his Supported Residential property for several years but after an escalation in his behaviours, this home was no longer suitable. Andrew was finding it difficult to continue to share a home with three others.

Andrew’s journey with ONCALL
Andrew lived away from his family for a long time but had been identified to move into a purpose-built, long-term property in rural Victoria close to his family home. However, this property was still under construction and scheduled for completion in November 2020.

With this in mind, ONCALL selected an interim medium-term solution that ensured Andrew’s increased support needs were met immediately after leaving his current living situation.

ONCALL worked with Andrew’s Support Coordinator to confirm adequate funding was made available in his NDIS plan to pay for this interim solution and to arrange sufficient staffing for Andrew.

Andrew’s progress
After much planning and a consolidated, collaborative response from Andrew’s care team, Andrew moved into his medium-term accommodation and settled in well to his new surroundings.

With the assistance of ONCALL’s support staff, Andrew began to engage in various activities he enjoys including, cooking, going for walks and helping with the grocery shopping.

With Andrew’s new long-term accommodation close to completion, ONCALL is working with his new provider to prepare for a smooth and seamless transition. Andrew and his family are excited for his upcoming move into his new home so they can be closer to each other and where we expect he will continue to thrive.

* The Participant’s name has been changed to protect their privacy

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