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Adapting supports to meet changing family circumstances

Adapting supports to meet changing family circumstances

ONCALL received a request to provide 24/7 respite care for Elenor*, a 45-year-old female with down syndrome whose mother could no longer provide primary care.

Elenor’s background

After being hospitalised from a bad fall, Elenor’s mother was no longer able to provide full-time care.

ONCALL previously provided Elenor with one to two days of respite support every week, however, she now required 24/7 support over a three week period while her mother recovered.

Elenor’s journey with ONCALL
After receiving this request from Elenor’s Support Coordinator, ONCALL immediately increased the frequency of support hours to ensure she was not at home by herself. This new roster consisted of Elenor’s existing support team whom her family felt confident would make her feel safe and maintain her normal routine.

ONCALL also identified additional staff who could help cover Elenor’s new 24/7 roster and organised informal supports who occasionally travelled in from country Victoria.

Once Elenor’s mother was discharged, ONCALL was requested to continue the same roster for an indefinite period whilst Elenor’s mother regained her health. ONCALL, in conjunction with Elenor’s Support Coordinator, approached the NDIA to have an immediate plan review due to the change in circumstances. The request was successful and a new plan was implemented that covered Elenor’s new support requirements.

Throughout her mother’s recovery, Elenor’s support needs were adapted to suit her and her mother’s situation. This ensured that Elenor was able to stay at home with her mother and continue to maintain a regular routine including her job at a day service program.

Elenor’s progress
ONCALL staff continue to support Elenor as she works toward achieving her participant goals. These include developing her self confidence, independent living skills and improving her health and fitness. With the outbreak of COVID-19, ONCALL needed to adjust the support provided again as Elenor’s day service program was temporarily closed and movement throughout the community was limited.

Elenor’s siblings regularly applaud ONCALL for our commitment to their family and our core group of Support Workers who they consider as family and a key part of Elenor’s life.

In supporting Elenor, ONCALL has had to adapt our service delivery to meet her changing family circumstances and the impact of COVID-19 restrictions. ONCALL’s goal has always been to guarantee a stable support system for Elenor and her family and ensure she can remain at home with her mother.

* The Participant’s name has been changed to protect their privacy

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