Market leading support

The market leader, our Casual Staff Services team is the largest and most available source of disability and welfare support workers in the sector. Our lightning fast response time means we fill the shift and provide the ultimate security with qualified, skilled staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s our commitment to unparalleled service delivery that makes us the preferred provider for government and not-for-profits alike.

The industry benchmark in compliance and safeguards, we have market leading recruitment processes, stringent hiring requisites and DWES check all staff. Only the most uncompromising commitment to safeguards can result in being an Accredited Disability Service Provider.

Always Accessible 

We’ve grown to be the market leader because we can respond when others can’t. We take pride in our ability to quickly and efficiently respond to emergency requests, making us the organisation of choice for governments and many community service organisations, customers and clients. Our safeguards and protections and stringent recruitment processes mean our emergency and contingency support is in line with all statutory and legal requirements and mitigates our client’s risk. 


Every minute of every day, we’re available for:

  • One-off emergency shifts regardless of the lead time
  • One-off support for NDIS participants
  • Emergency crisis support for a client, carer or family member
  • Emergency support and accommodation
  • Establishing interim complex care support

Only the best staff

We set the benchmark with our hiring requisites putting potential staff through a rigorous recruitment process that includes multi-facetted interviews, police checks, Working with Children Checks and sector-specific reference checks. Prior to working with any of our clients, our staff undergo a specialised induction and training program run by ONCALL Training College (RTO). We mitigate your risk by providing very qualified staff that specialise in complex care delivery. Rest assured that the staff we provide have the skills and experience required to provide support at the highest standard.

Services Available

Over 1500 staff working in over 500 sites across metropolitan Melbourne means we can provide workforce solutions, 365 days a year. When it comes to workforce solutions, we set the benchmark. We have more staff, that are more specialised, more experienced, and cover more of Melbourne. There’s a reason that when governments and not-for-profits need staff, they come to us. When you get staff from ONCALL, you get peace of mind. ONCALL’s client centred approach is something that was created when ONCALL was born. The people we provide support for aren’t just people, they’re clients and they’re at the heart of everything we do.

Our Client Centred Approach

The service we provide for our business clients focuses on our client centred approach, this means you get reliability, assurance and protection from risk. Don’t forget that we have the strictest recruitment criteria in Victoria and a registered training organisation (RTO) to ensure workers are up to date with their skills and requirements. We set a new standard when we petitioned to have all of our staff DWES checked. We undergo voluntary audits to guarantee that our sites and our staff are fully compliant all of the time. Issues of compliance and legislation are constantly at the forefront of the disability and welfare sectors, what all these add up to is risk mitigation. ONCALL will mitigate your risk. Most importantly, when you engage with ONCALL, you get a service  that’s always available.



We have emergency support available 24 hours a day. Every day.

  • Casual / temporary / contract and permanent assignments and placements
  • Day programs
  • Emergency / crisis support
  • In-home support
  • Personalised support to individuals and families
  • Respite – including camps and holidays
  • Residential and accommodation services
  • Roster lines


The introduction of the NDIS has meant there’s a growing need for support everywhere. Our Casual Staff Services team can provide short term support for your NDIS participants to backfill any staff shortage you have. This security brings peace of mind for you and peace of mind for your NDIS participants. Security that the care they’re receiving is from the market leader.

Need to find staff?

With over 1500 staff, we’ll have the person with the skills you need.

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