You’re closed, we’re not. 

We understand that our business clients’ needs are not restricted to 9am- 5pm. As leaders in the community services sector we have extensive experience managing after hours support, so if you’re not set up to manage an after hours service, then let us do it for you. We can fully customise a service to meet your specific needs. You can go home at 5pm and be confident that all of your after hours backfilling is handled by the sector market leader.

We’ve grown to be the market leader because we can respond when others can’t. We take pride in in our ability to quickly and efficiently respond to emergency requests, making us the organisation of choice for DHHS, governments and many community service organisations, customers and clients. Our safeguards, protections and stringent recruitment processes mean our emergency and contingency support is in line with all statutory and legal requirements and mitigates our client’s risk.


We work with

  • Residential service providers
  • Personalised support service for clients with Individual Support Packages (ISP)  & NDIS participants
  • In home support services including respite providers
  • Individuals who self-manage their own funding packages and directly employ staff including NDIS

We're available for

  • One-off emergency shifts regardless of the lead time
  • Emergency crisis support for a client, carer or family member
  • Emergency support and accommodation
  • Establishing interim complex care support

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