Government funded home care packages

We can deliver Targeted Care Packages (TCP’s) with efficiency, and provide effective responses to complex and challenging situations.

The goal of TCP’s is to maintain an existing stable environment to help a young person before it gets to a point where they need to go into residential care. TCP’s also aim to help young people that live in residential care to transition from residential care into other types of living arrangements that are better suited to them.

Experience has shown that the primary thing that dictates the success of a TCP is the key workers involved.

Our Out of Home Care team are specialised and highly experienced in this field with over 20 years experience in child protection, mentoring and supporting young people and their families.

Our service

Whatever the service you need from our Out of Home Care team, we deliver it with a vulnerable young person at the very heart of every step in the process. A service that provides you with the safety and security of the most skilled and specialised workers available.

Every day we provide:

  • Case Managers to deliver case contracting  
  • Experienced, flexible, reliable and responsive staff 
  • 24 hour support 
  • Swift response time in crisis situations
  • Support staff to manage and plan transition
  • Mentoring and supporting young people, parents and guardians
  • Teams who can manage care meetings and liaise with DHHS 
  • Mentoring young people, parents and guardians

We will always be there when vulnerable young people need us the most.

For immediate out of home care referrals call us on (03) 9896 2468

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