Managing Your Fund

Once your package has been approved, you’ll need to allocate someone (or more than one person) to manage your funding for supports. Basically, your ISP is the money you get for all the different types of supports that are listed in your plan and those supports are going to need to be paid at different times. You need to decide who’s going to manage your fund to pay the bills as they come in. You can do this yourself, or you can get a professional, registered plan manager to do it.

ONCALL’s Fund Management

If you decide to use a plan manager, how do you decide who to employ? ONCALL is an approved ISP service provider and the market leader in disability support in Victoria. We have a dedicated finance team for plan management and can support you to develop an ISP plan that suits your specific needs and goals and provide real time tracking and feedback about your plan. Our plan management team makes things easier, simpler, safer and more streamlined:

  • Access to registered providers
  • Access to unregistered providers
  • Talk to the DHHS for you
  • Help to find or change providers
  • Pay for service providers
  • All your bills paid for you
  • All your paperwork kept for you
  • Real time tracking and reporting
  • Developing monthly statements
  • Help to make sure all your service agreements are signed

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