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ONCALL’s COVID-19 Workforce

ONCALL Group Australia has stepped up to support COVID-19 outbreaks in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Victoria, in direct service provision to NDIS participants and in partnership with key providers.

ONCALL Group Australia Chief Executive Officer, Robyn Pollard, said ONCALL has upgraded processes, workforce management systems and staff training in response to the COVID-19.  This prepares ONCALL’s services.  It also provides a closely monitored surge workforce for NDIS providers throughout the stage four restrictions.

Ms Pollard said that enhancing the workforce of skilled support workers was part of the strong NDIS market response to supporting people with disability safely in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our plan is to support providers in continuity of service to participants in Victoria, even when there is an outbreak of COVID-19.”

An ONCALL support worker who currently provides 1:1 support in a COVID-19 positive house has shared her experience on shift as being both positive and fascinating.

“I chose to work in an active COVID-19 house because I believe everyone should be cared for. Just because the participant has COVID-19 does not mean we should not give them the proper care that they deserve”. She has found supporting active COVID-19 participants “fascinating because I get to see what they are going through.” She also commented on the level of support provided by ONCALL and “would feel comfortable to work in another active COVID-19 outbreak site if required”

She encouraged anyone who is thinking of working in a COVID-19 positive house to not be afraid and to focus on providing clients with the best care possible.

Ms Pollard said ONCALL has invested to tailor systems and processes, and build capability in workforce and monitoring.

“We expect our contribution to the COVID-19 surge workforce will provide safe, continuous service to people with disability, and employment to a skilled and prepared disability workforce.”

ONCALL Group Australia has over 15 years of experience providing a skilled workforce to disability providers in Victoria.  Historically, this assisted people with disability in critical personal care and activities of daily living. This is essential support that must be maintained to participants, even in COVID-19 outbreaks.

Troy Aylen, Executive Manager of ONCALL Casual Staff Services, said COVID-19 has tested the disability sector, the need for working in close partnership with providers was central to successful monitoring, response and delivery in the current challenges.