Meet Wendy

Wendy joined the ONCALL family almost 15 years ago. At the time she wasn’t getting the support she needed and when she met our company directors, Anna and Rob, she got the reassurance from our team that we were the right choice for her. She brought her support package to ONCALL and she’s been with us ever since.

“I met Robert at my house and he said don’t worry you’re in good hands. I decided to come to ONCALL and I have never looked back”

Wendy is an amazing woman and grew and developed with the support that we provided. She had so many great ideas about ONCALL and about how to improve the support we provide, we wanted to recognise the impact she was having at ONCALL, so we asked Wendy to become our Brand Ambassador. We figured that there was nobody better to ask for feedback on our services than someone who receives them every day. Wendy has now been our Ambassador for over 9 years and has regular input in our business. She holds sessions for new recruits coming into the organisation outlining what it means to be part of the ONCALL family.

“I’m honoured to be the brand ambassador for this company, they value their staff and they value their clients, and they value me. Everyone here makes me feel special.”

Wendy lives alone and has a team of 4 support workers that help her live independently and provide support in all areas of her life. Wendy has a key consultant in head office who works with Wendy directly and flexibly manages her roster.

“I would recommend to other clients to come to this service because from the service that I get they’ll get it too. Because if you give them respect, they’ll give it back to you.”

Wendy has become an integral part of the team. She has many duties and responsibilities here and everyone values her input.

“I’m not just a client I’m a valued member of ONCALL. I don’t take this job lightly I take it very seriously, I’d never change my role, I’m here for life.