ONCALL Safeguarding Policies

At ONCALL, Quality and compliance are embedded into our daily actions and behaviours. ONCALL’s policies and procedures provide the foundation and framework for our work and actions to ensure we provide best practice service quality and compliance. All staff are required to know and apply ONCALL policies and procedures that apply to their work.

ONCALL Group Australia is committed to child safety, safeguarding and zero tolerance. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all children, young people and adults we support.

We take feedback (compliments and complaints) seriously and always try our best to sort things out. To provide feedback, click here.

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ONCALL Client Charter

The ONCALL Client Charter outlines how ONCALL strive to provide the highest standard of support services.

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ONCALL Safeguarding Commitment

The ONCALL Safeguarding Commitment outlines the ONCALL Commitment to Child Safety and Safeguarding of People with Disabilities.

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Feedback and Complaints Policy

ONCALL acknowledges and promotes everyone’s right to express their opinion about our services. This policy outlines the efforts ONCALL has made to ensure the provision of an effective, fair, accessible, transparent, and continuously improving feedback and complaints.

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Child Safety Risks and Concerns Policy

Feedback and Complaints Policy 

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Child Safety Framework

This policy is designed to showcase how ONCALL supports the National Child Safety Principles and State Child Safety Standards.

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Client Incident Management Policy

This policy outlines how ONCALL manages client incident reporting to ensure incidents affecting clients are effectively and consistently identified, reported, responded to, managed, and monitored, in a way that adheres to legislative and regulatory requirements and facilitate continuous improvement in services as a result of incidents that occur.

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Child Safety Risks and Concerns Policy

Client Incident Management Policy

Code of Conduct

The ONCALL Code of Conduct is based on the ONCALL values and outlines the principles and standards that all ONCALL employees and third parties acting on behalf of ONCALL must follow.

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Diversity Policy

ONCALL is committed to diversity and inclusion in our workplace and services, and equal opportunity in employment. We recognise that embracing diversity and differences supports the legal and human rights of individuals, and creates benefit for the individual, for ONCALL, and for the communities we serve. ONCALL aims to deliver services that respect and value the contribution of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

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First Nations Diversity Policy

This policy outlines how ONCALL aims to ensure that the culture of First Nations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients is respected and understood when planning and delivering access and support.

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Freedom from Abuse and Neglect Policy

Every person has the right to be free from physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, and emotional abuse, and neglect, and to be informed of their rights in an understandable manner that is meaningful and understood by each person, taking into consideration any specific communication complexities, preferred style and using any assistive or augmented communication aids.

ONCALL takes all allegations of abuse (both current and historical) seriously. ONCALL actively works to create a safe, supportive environment for clients and staff in which they are encouraged to raise concerns without fear of retribution.

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Participation, Empowerment and Advocacy Policy

ONCALL is committed to providing advocacy options and to empower children, young people, and people with a disability through valuing, respecting, and creating opportunities to incorporate their insights, talents and experiences in ONCALL service development, planning and delivery.

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Privacy Statement

The ONCALL Privacy Statement outlines how ONCALL handles your personal information.

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Whistleblower Policy

This policy describes the protections available to whistleblowers under the Corporations Act, what matters are disclosable, how you can disclose your concerns without fear of detriment, and how ONCALL will support and protect you.

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