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June 10, 2020 | ONCALL

ONCALL introduces a range of new hygiene and infection control measures

As we’re now coming into the COVID-19 Recovery Phase, ONCALL Group Australia has introduced a range of new hygiene and infection control measures designed to provide a safe and clean environment for our Participants and staff. With restrictions starting to ease, the Victorian Government has announced that schools and day programs are re-opening, and we’re able to move around in the community a little more, albeit in a limited capacity.

The health and safety of ONCALL’s Participants and staff is, and always has been, our highest priority, therefore we want to ensure you feel safe and comfortable as you start to access schools, day programs and the community.

  • ONCALL Support Staff have been provided with a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) backpack – this includes a bottle of commercial-grade disinfectant, cleaning cloths and a bottle of hand sanitiser.
  • Motor Vehicle High Touch Areas will be Disinfected:
    • Prior to Participants entering the vehicle, ONCALL staff will clean all high touchpoints including door trims and handles, seat belts and buckles, booster seats or baby seats, steering wheel, console, etc.
    • After every trip, ONCALL staff will repeat the disinfection steps detailed above, this also includes following any personal use of staff vehicles.
  • Regular Hand Sanitising – both Participants and staff will need to apply hand sanitiser before entering and after exiting the vehicle.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – masks and gloves have been provided to ONCALL staff.  ONCALL has secured limited supplies of masks, please let us know at the time of booking the shift if you have heightened medical conditions and require ONCALL staff wear PPE.

ONCALL will continue to monitor Government Guidelines to ensure we adhere to all requirements and protect our Participants and staff.

For more information on these measures, please refer to the ONCALL Support Staff PPE Instructions that have been provided to ONCALL staff.

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