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June 22, 2022 | Accommodation Disability ONCALL

ONCALL helping close the gap for Robust SDA in regional Victoria.

The NDIS SDA Design Standard describes Robust SDA homes as “…designed to incorporate a reasonable level of physical access provision and be very resilient, reducing the likelihood of reactive maintenance and reducing the risk to the participant and the community”.

This is one of the most sought-after categories of SDA nationally, with notable demand across both metropolitan and regional areas.

ONCALL understands the current gap and remains committed to addressing this by delivering brand-new custom-design Robust housing across Victoria.

Regionally, it has become apparent that a significant number of participants are in legacy stock that does not meet their needs or address the critical design elements that are factored into Robust builds. As part of the solution to address this issue, ONCALL has partnered with SDA Provider Casa Capace on SDA projects in Bendigo that include Robust housing with the participant in mind. These SDA homes reflect the joint industry-leading capabilities of both ONCALL and Casa Capace and are designed to be flexible- easily adapting to participants’ changing needs through the different stages of life.

Details of our current project in Flora Hill, Bendigo can be found here.

Who is eligible for Robust SDA?

Figuring out if a participant is eligible for SDA funding and determining which design category and build type is most suitable can be tough. Additionally, application processes can be challenging and time-consuming.

Luckily, ONCALL has a team of experts who can help identify and secure the SDA and Support funding needed and assist with the entire application process.

Whether participants are in legacy stock, in the family home and needing to move out, stuck in the hospital with no suitable home to discharge to, or in any other living arrangement that does not meet their needs – ONCALL can work with each person to understand their needs and support the transition into one of the brand-new beautiful SDA homes coming soon to Bendigo.

Looking for more information?

If you’re looking for more information on SDA or supports, please contact us.

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