Reach your goals

Having independence in your life creates a sense of liberation and freedom. It starts in your home and can be developed in any number of ways. We work with you to create tools and strategies so you can move along the path to grow the independence you have.

Staying healthy:

Creating skills for a healthy lifestyle – planning the food you eat, going to the supermarket, cooking and cleaning, and developing good hygiene habits.

We can also work with you to create healthy routines around activities like swimming, going to the gym or doing regular exercise.

Getting out and about:

Independence also extends beyond the home, we’ll ensure you stay safe when you’re out and about while building your confidence to use the roads or public transport, keeping in contact with people in your community and building skills on how to get there.

Community ties:

Getting out and about builds your independence and confidence and can start to strengthen your ties to the community. We can be there to help with creating relationships, friendships and groups. Foster and develop skills in presenting yourself in communal situations, eat out with friends and join local groups or drop by community centres.


Planning, booking and going on holidays is such a thrill. We can help you get all this going, we can even organise people to go with you.

We love being a part of your journey down the road to independence. Speak to us to find out how far you can go!

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