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NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commissioner speaks up against abuse

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commissioner Graeme Head, has urged people with a disability to speak up about abuse after the release of alarming statistics.

The Department of Social Services recently released data that showed six people with a disability is assaulted or neglected each week in Australia. Figures from the National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline also show an increase in the number of reports this year with 198 reports of neglect, abuse and sexual assault received in the first six months of this year, up from 180 for the six months prior.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission was established as part of the federal government’s response to concerns about abuse and neglect of people with a disability. Its role is to oversee private providers who offer services to people with a disability under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Mr. Head, who oversees the commission, said that he wanted to empower people with a disability to report cases of neglect and abuse and that “a really well functioning complaints management system” was critical to achieve that.

Mr. Head also said that both registered and unregistered providers would be bound by a code of conduct and that the commission would have “a comprehensive toolkit” to deal with those who did not follow the rules. The range of actions available to the commission include the power for “deregistration, banning orders and seeking the application of civil penalties”.

The commission also works to introduce new NDIS worker screening checks and educates organisations on all mandatory reportable incidents.

At the ONCALL Group, we are committed to play our part in helping to stamp out abuse. The ONCALL Group played a central role in the zero tolerance to abuse initiative and is an issue very close to our heart.

We urge anyone who is experiencing abuse or neglect to raise this with a staff member or contact the commission directly at the contacts below:

The office of the Disability Services Commissioner

Phone 1800 677 342


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