Help us understand your needs and we will respond to your request within 24 hours.

The ONCALL intake process in 4 easy steps:

Make Enquiry

This is the first stage of the process to determine whether we can meet your needs. The information provided will:

  • allow us to direct your enquiry to the right person
  • ensure you get a quick initial response within 24 hours
  • save you time by using the information already provided to progress through our Intake process.


Finalise Intake

Once you decide to progress with ONCALL, we will request further information including:

  • your NDIS Plan
  • any Health and Behaviour Support Plans and
  • additional details relevant to any specific support services required.




Issue Service Agreement

We will issue a Service Agreement that outlines the services to be delivered, the start and end date of services and the frequency.

The Service Agreement also includes information on how to contact us, make a complaint and end the agreement.

Once the Service Agreement is signed, services could commence within 72 hours!

Commence Services

ONCALL will match you with staff best suited to your support needs and help you work towards your goals, getting out into the community and assisting with personal needs at home.





Call us NOW on 03 9896 2468 for complex or urgent enquiries to fast track your request.

You could have services commence within 72 hours!