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May 17, 2019 | Compliance NDIS ONCALL Sector News

Mandatory Worker Orientation Module – NDIS

National Quality & Safeguards Commission

The National Quality & Safeguards Commission is a new independent agency established to provide quality and safety oversite across NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) supports and services. The Commission’s role is to promote national consistency, safety and quality services, resolve problems and identify areas for improvement.

Introduction of New NDIS Worker Orientation Training

The National Quality & Safeguards Commission released their online Worker Orientation Module – Safety, Quality & You. This online orientation module will become a mandatory requirement for all staff working in the Disability Sector across Australia. It is made up of 4 topics as follows:

  • What the NDIS is and why we need it.
  • The role of the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission.
  • Worker’s Responsibility under the NDIS Code of Conduct.
  • Worker’s role in supporting people with disability achieve the vision of the NDIS.

Mandatory Training for all ONCALL Staff

As ONCALL supports people operating across both the disability and the child, youth & family sectors, with many children and young people having both a disability and supported under DHHS Child Protection, we believe it is important that all ONCALL staff complete this new NDIS Worker Orientation Module.

Subsequently, from 1st June 2019, the NDIS Worker Orientation Module will be incorporated into ONCALL’s recruitment process and become a mandatory requirement for support staff and head office staff to complete before commencing work with ONCALL.

How to complete the Worker Orientation Module

  1. You will need access to a computer or iPad/tablet with sound (headphones are a good idea too) and some quiet time, as you will need to concentrate on the videos and answer some questions.
  2. Login into and click on the NDIS Worker Orientation Module, select create a new account and set up a login username and password.
  3. Systematically work through the 4 components (enjoy – it is great!).
  4. It will take approximately 90 mins to complete, but you can save and return to where you left off if you need to.
  5. Component 3 of this Orientation Module covers the NDIS Code of Conduct. This has now been incorporated into ONCALL’s Staff Code of Conduct, which you can also access from our website, Please make sure you read this, as in the near future you will be sent a copy to sign and return for our records.
  6. Once you have completed all 4 modules, the system will email you a Certificate of Completion. Please forward this to [email protected] for us to update your mandatory training records on OCP.

Head Office Staff

iPads and headphones will be set up in Level 2 Training room and a Registered Form established to allow staff to book a time to complete this training. Sessions will run at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm between Monday 20th May and Tuesday 28th May.  Your manager will discuss with you and your team booking into these sessions while ensuring day to day business continuity continues.

ONCALL DAS & OOHC Accommodation Support Staff 

Team Leaders and Support Staff working on roster lines with Accommodation Services will be notified by their Coordinator of scheduled time(s) for this training. It will be incorporated into a scheduled Team Meeting and held at Head Office in order to ensure you are able to access the iPads and headphones with all house staff completing this training over the next 4-6 weeks.

CSS and NDIS Casual Support Staff

CSS (Disability/CYF/Welfare Support Staff) and NDIS Support Staff will be required to complete this Orientation Module in their own time. As an incentive, for all staff who complete this Module and return your Certificate of Completion by no later than 5 pm on Monday 17th June 2019, you will receive a one-off payment of $50.00 (gross). This incentive payment is only available to CSS and NDIS casual support staff, and only if ONCALL receives the Certificate of Complete before the due date. Please note that payment will only be made in conjunction with an approved timesheet for shifts completed.

If you do not have access to a computer or iPad, remember you can access a computer at your local library (you will need to take headphones with you). Alternatively, you can contact Ebony Layton, HR Training & Development Consultant, on 9896 2468 or email [email protected] to organise a time to come into head office to access one of our iPads.

In Summary

All staff will be required to complete this Worker Orientation Module as part of the transition to the National Quality Safeguards Framework, which comes into effect from the 1st July 2019. Once the transition has been completed, the Commission will issue a cut-off date by which all staff will need to have completed this training, in order to continue to work in the sector. We strongly encourage you to get on board quickly and take advantage of the incentive payment or training times organised by ONCALL.

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