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Keeley’s Cause is helping children with autism across Australia

Keeley’s Cause was established by teenager Keeley and her mother Sharon. The Cause provides iPads for children diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability.

Keeley’s story is a key driver for the Cause. Keeley is a 13 year old girl who has recently been diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. She requires an iPad to complete schoolwork, but her school couldn’t support these needs on a full-time basis and her parents couldn’t get funding for an iPad either, so they decided to home-school her.

“If I’m given work on paper, I get overwhelmed. Put that same test on an iPad I get them all right. Go figure!” Keeley said.

Keeley’s school classed her as being grade 7 ready, but when her parents decided to get a cognitive report done for home schooling it became clear that Keeley requires a full time aid.

“I don’t want another child with special needs just being pushed through the system because we are too much work. I don’t want another child not having the use of an iPad permanently for use in Primary School for learning and communicating.”

“So, out of all this I’ve developed Keeley’s Cause for Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability that requires and iPad for learning and communicating. Every child regardless of their disability deserves, and has a right to a proper education.” Keeley said.

To be able to apply for an iPad through Keeley’s Cause you must hold a valid health care card, provide medical records, supply your child’s diagnosis and accept their terms and conditions.

Keeley’s Cause has a large number of business and iPad sponsors including Commonwealth Bank, Ballan Lions and Coburg Lions to name a few.

To find out more about Keeley’s Cause click here.

Image: Keeley’s Cause

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