Support for social activities and transport

Our support is about more than getting you into the community. It’s about getting you engaged in the activities you want to be a part of.

We’ll sit down with you to discuss what you’d like to do, who you’d like to do it with and what’s getting in your way. Then, together, we’ll create your path to participation.

We’ll empower you to access opportunities to develop skills that are important to you and supporting the meaningful relationships in your life, and to participate in the events and activities you love.

They say life is not a spectator sport. With our support, you can be involved and part of the action.

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Staying connected

We can assist you to maintain and develop your social networks. Whether it’s getting out with friends and family or getting involved with community groups, feeling connected is great for your sense of wellbeing and for boosting your confidence.

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Staying healthy

We can assist you to create healthy routines through activities like swimming, going to the gym and other forms of regular exercise.

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We can arrange transportation for you, and your friends and family, to get you to and from appointments, school, day programs or activities you’re taking part in.

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We can assist you to plan, book and set off on short breaks or big adventures. We can even organise a travel companion to support you wherever your itinerary takes you.


We’ve had a couple of different agencies supporting my brother and since we’ve chosen ONCALL we feel much more at ease, and my brother really likes the team of support workers that support him.

Family member of NDIS Participant

So far we are really finding the service ONCALL provides invaluable for our family during this tough time.

Family member of NDIS Participant

You always hear the complaints and never the compliments, my staff are all good eggs, they are professional and kind. I trust anyone that you send because I trust ONCALL.

NDIS Participant

Call our friendly NDIS specialist now on 1300 962 468 to discuss how ONCALL can assist you or submit an enquiry form here.