Support for daily personal tasks

The quality of our homelife has a major influence on our wellbeing. So the aim of our support is to give you more control over the way you live in your home.

We begin by matching you with a team member you click with so that, together, you can start creating tools and strategies for managing anything from daily personal tasks to household finances.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we can support you to be independent in your life, the way you choose to live it.

Our support at home service includes support for:

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Personal care
  • Supervising daily hygiene, showering, grooming and toilet use
  • Laying out clothes and assistance dressing
  • Exercising
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General household duties
  • Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, floors and toilets, and disinfecting high touch areas like door handles and light switches
  • Washing, ironing, changing sheets and linen and making beds
  • General tidying of rooms, cupboards and wardrobes
  • Feeding and caring for pets.
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  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Assistance with eating.
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Shopping & admin
  • Shopping online for groceries, clothing and other essential goods
  • Paying bills, doing your banking and managing subscriptions
  • Organising medical and health-related appointments.


Since I have been with NDIS, ONCALL has definitely been the best all-round for support workers and are the most professional.

NDIS Participant

ONCALL staff have done an admirable job working around difficult COVID restrictions in Victoria and are to be congratulated for their efforts around these trying circumstances which remain ongoing.

NDIS Support Coordinator

You always hear the complaints and never the compliments, my staff are all good eggs, they are professional and kind. I trust anyone that you send because I trust ONCALL.

NDIS Participant

Call our friendly NDIS specialist now on 1300 962 468 to discuss how ONCALL can assist you or submit an enquiry form here.