ONCALL is registered to deliver:

  • Specialist behavioural intervention support
  • Individual social skills development
  • Behaviour management plans
  • Training in behaviour management strategies.

Where a Comprehensive Plan is approved, we can provide Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA), submit the plan for approval via the Restrictive Intervention Data System (RIDS) and act as the Authorised Program Officer (APO) to report on the use of restrictive practices.


ONCALL’s fully accredited practitioners work holistically to develop strategies to assist people reach their potential supported in an environment that builds on their skills and strengths.

Our rights-based approach is focused on reducing restrictive practices and improving quality of life.


The company is a pleasure to deal with and my support worker is magnificent.

NDIS Participant

They are really, really good. They help me and take me out!

NDIS Participant

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