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Changes to NDIS Price Guide for Transport

As of 1 March 2020, there are now two transport categories funded under the NDIS, General and Activity Based. This provides greater flexibility in how you pay for transport.
General Transport Classification
Travel costs under the General Transport (02_051_0108_1_1) classification can only be charged when a participant pays a provider to transport them to an activity that is not itself a support – or where a support is delivered by another provider. An example of this would be a where a participant is picked up from their home and transported to/from school or day program where the providers of the support and the transport are not the same. The cost for this transport must be specifically included in the participant’s NDIS plan under the Transport category, and the rate for this transport remains unchanged at $1.15 per kilometre for a non-modified vehicle.
Activity Based Transport Classification
A new Activity Based Transport (04_590_0125_5_1) classification has been introduced when a participant is transported, to, or from, or as part of a community access support. An example of this is a return trip to a local shopping centre, where support worker assistance is required to complete grocery shopping. The participant is now able to choose to cover both the support worker time and non-labour costs (e.g. kilometres) under their Core Support for community. In this instance, the standard support worker hourly rate is charged as per the NDIS Price Guide and the NDIS Price Guide has specified non labour costs (e.g. kilometres) can be charged at $0.85 per kilometre for a non-modified vehicle.
This new Activity Based Transport classification now offers greater choice for NDIS participants to access the community using Core Support funds.
If you would like to use your CORE Support Funding for Activity Based Transport please contact us now. We will review the supports you have in place with us to ensure these additional amounts can be covered by your existing plan. Once you are happy with the changes, we will adjust your current Service Agreement to reflect the additional Activity Based transport.
If you have any other question about these changes or the services we are currently providing, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Engagement Consultant on (03) 9896 2468.