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Brenton stepping up to the challenge of Cerebral Palsy

Brenton with ONCALL support staff

Brenton stepping up to the challenge of Cerebral Palsy.

Brenton’s story is a great example of how we empower our clients at ONCALL. He lives in Supported Accommodation and is supported by a dedicated ONCALL staffing team. A few months ago, Brenton told us that he wanted to take part in Steptember, an initiative that raises funds for the fight against Cerebral Palsy. He has a history of raising funds for good causes. Brenton has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, so he was particularly proud to be able to raise funds for the fight against this disorder.

The challenge

Participants of Steptember seek sponsorship from the community for each step they take during the month of September. They keep track of their activity with a pedometer. The more activity they do, the more funds they raise.

The ONCALL team supported Brenton by helping him to work on a strategy and by supporting him throughout the challenge. Brenton set his sights on raising $500. He trained hard throughout August before stepping it up during Steptember. He loved taking part in the challenge and said that it helped with his fitness and strength. Brenton also said, “Exercise helps me to think happy thoughts and clears my mind of the bad ones”. The challenge had some extra benefits as well, he lost 10kg!

By the end of Steptember, Brenton had smashed his goal and raised more than $3100.

This is such a great achievement. Especially considering that the average amount raised by participants during Steptember was around $150.

ONCALL’s Support

To celebrate Brenton’s wonderful achievement, he was presented with a certificate of achievement by Toula Moustakas, Executive Manager Accommodation and Client Services.

We are so proud of Brenton and are delighted to have played a part in helping him to smash his goals. ONCALL started because its founders believed in improving the lives of the most vulnerable in the community and Brenton’s story is just one of the reasons we love working in the disability sector.