NDIS – Redesigning the autism spectrum

A profound new plan to redefine the autism spectrum which could restrict access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme and leave thousands of people without support. The agency working on the redesign are looking to abolish the idea of an autism spectrum, which currently ranges from high to low needs, and place people into specific […]

Government confirms $43 billion dollar NDIS commitment

The Federal Budget passed down on the 8th May saw the Turnbull Government secure $43 billion in funding to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme going forward. Since the scheme was introduced many people have felt they were better off, but shockingly 20% of participants say they feel worse off. Dr Ken Baker, Chief Executive […]

Choice Housing

NDIS Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA) has been designed to meet the needs of thousands of Australians with high physical and/or complex behaviour disabilities who have found it difficult or impossible in the past to find suitable affordable accommodation. Today our sister company Choice Housing broke ground on a new SDA build. A state of the […]

Golden Glow as Kurt Fearnley Bows Out

Kurt Fearnley has provided inspiration to so many Australians for so long. We’ve watched his career since he began and loved every minute. What a thrill it was to see him cap off such an amazing career with such an amazing win. In front of a home crowd, in front of his family, Fearnley delivered […]

Customer Service Excellence on Display at ONCALL

The Australian Achiever Awards measures, recognises and rewards the success of customer service delivery. Established in 1998, the Australian Achiever Awards has been surveying businesses and their customers across Australia. They go directly to the customers and ask for confidential input and feedback. The awards are based on customer’s feedback. This process provides an unbiased […]

HDAA Audit

At ONCALL, we talk a lot about compliance. We’ve advocated strongly for people with disability, their rights and provider’s responsibilities. We were involved in the implementation of the zero tolerance to abuse and have pioneered a number of projects that have become commonplace in our sector. The reason we are so focused on compliance is […]

The NDIS Report Card

Researchers at Flinders University have delivered the final evaluation report on the NDIS. Participants that have rolled over into the NDIS have had their say, the majority saying that feel they are better off since they’ve transitioned than they did before. Worryingly though, 20% of participants told researchers they feel worse off than they did […]

NDIS JobReady

One of the most over used words in the corporate world is innovation. It’s a rare case when a business can genuinely say that they are truly innovative. Innovation is a new method, idea or product. Unless it’s new, it’s not innovative. Before ONCALL was born, a company called MSSA was established by Anna Fleming […]

Client Incident Management Systems Goes Live

On January 15, 2018 the Client Incident Management Systems (CIMS) went live for all registered DHHS and Victorian registered NDIS providers. The department has developed the new client incident management system that focuses on the safety and wellbeing of clients and applies to all department-funded organisations and Victorian-registered NDIS providers of disability and psychosocial supports.  […]