ONCALL Personnel & Training is now The ONCALL Group

ONCALL Personnel & Training was formed in 2003 and has grown to the market leader in disability and child youth and family support. For the last year the business has been working on an organisation wide rebrand taking the company to The ONCALL Group. The Group includes 4 new sub brands and 2 sister companies, […]

Research looks to improve the Disability Employment Rate

Paul Williamson, an honorary associate at Sydney University’s Centre for Disability Research and Policy will be leading research into the experiences of those who develop a physical disability in the workplace. Williamson himself suffered a brain aneurysm in his 20’s which required urgent surgery, and also needed a knee and ankle replacement due to an […]

Keeley’s Cause is helping children with autism across Australia

Keeley’s Cause was established by teenager Keeley and her mother Sharon. The Cause provides iPads for children diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. Keeley’s story is a key driver for the Cause. Keeley is a 13 year old girl who has recently been diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. She requires an iPad to complete […]

Helping People with Down syndrome to stop Alzheimer’s disease

A two-year medical trial is about to begin at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard University hospital to see if people with Down syndrome can uncover the mysteries of Alzheimer’s. Over 200,000 people with Down syndrome in the United States applied to be part of the medical trial in the hope of cracking the code. 40% […]

MyTime help carers of children with disability across Victoria

MyTime is a free group for parents or carers to take some time for themselves, unwind and talk about their experiences over a coffee. Parents and primary caregivers of children with disability, developmental delay or a chronic medical condition are encouraged to make contact with MyTime group. The groups are led by a trained facilitator […]

Russian schoolgirl with Down syndrome to open the FIFA World Cup

It has been confirmed that Moscow schoolgirl Angelina Makarova who lives with Down syndrome will open the 2018 FIFA World Cup on Thursday. The opening ceremony will take place in Moscow, Russia at 5:30pm (2:30pm local time) at the Luzhniki Stadium. Makarova will be leading the teams onto the pitch and will be helping the […]

49% rise in community services jobs

Over 100,000 people in Victoria were estimated to be in need of support when the National Disability Insurance Scheme began to rollout, so it’s not too surprising that we expected the demand for disability support workers to increase too. Recent figures released by SEEK show that it is in fact the case, and in the […]

Game on thanks to Microsoft’s new release

Living with disability can make everyday tasks difficult and up until now things like gaming were borderline impossible for people living with physical disabilities. That’s probably why Microsoft’s new release has been praised worldwide for creating an innovative new controller that opens up the world of gaming to the disability community. The new Xbox Adaptive […]

Views for everyone at Point Leo

Last weekend saw the new accessible boardwalk at Point Leo beach be opened! On Saturday the former Disabled Surfers Association Mornington Peninsula president Jenny Angliss-Goodall opened the new boardwalk to all in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Disabled Surfers Association Mornington Peninsula (DSAMP) was formed in 2011. Funds were raised, equipment was bought and volunteers were […]