What we stand for

ONCALL is a values-driven organisation. We proudly place importance on your rights, safety and independence in everything we do.

We know achieving this is only possible when our organisation is sound: structurally, operationally and culturally. That’s why we strive to maintain agile and efficient systems, to reduce risks and put safeguards in place, and to foster collaboration, accountability, and transparency.

Ultimately, we’re here to assist people to live well – and we’ve made it our mission to never let anyone down.

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We stand for human rights

At ONCALL we are committed to the rights of all people, and to respecting every person’s right to live their life the way that they choose. There are basic principles of Human Rights. These are the right to:

  • Freedom
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Dignity

There are laws that make sure we are all aware of Human Rights and some that are specific to the rights of people with disability. This is called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability (UNCRPD).

We stand for Zero Tolerance approach to harm, abuse, and neglect

You have a right to feel safe and to be treated with dignity regardless of where you live, what life choices you have made, your age or what your personal circumstances might be.

If you experience violence or abuse, you should contact your key person at ONCALL, your family, a friend or any person that you trust to report this information. It is not OK for you to feel unsafe, and there is no time anyone should ask you to keep secrets, even if they say it is OK or that it is the right thing to do because you are a child, and they are an adult.

If you are not confident reporting something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, an advocate can help you.

We stand for child safety

ONCALL is committed to child safety and ensuring all necessary steps are taken to realise the rights of children. This includes acknowledging the entitlement of children to an environment that encourages their development and autonomy, and actively safeguarding all children from harm.

ONCALL will maintain an environment that ensures children and young people feel safe and have all information provided in appropriate, age friendly language. Children and young people in ONCALL services will be encouraged to raise concerns and express their feelings in a manner that feels safe.

ONCALL respects the cultural, religious, lifestyle, personal and identity choices of children and young people and actively encourage individual expression.

We stand for promoting independence

ONCALL will encourage and support the autonomy of children, young people, and adults with disability in decision making in all aspects. This includes upholding each person’s right to be actively involved in making decisions that are about them and to support access to, and connections with, the people, places and activities that are important to each person.